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Welcome to the online store Lollas-eshop

Lollas-eshop is an online store for displaying and selling products online. By using lollas-eshop it means that you agree to the following terms of use which you should read carefully:

1. The software content (information, programs, data, etc.) and the services of lollas-eshop that have been introduced and are to be included in it belong exclusively to lollas-eshop and have the protection of Greek, EU and international copyright laws . Available to visitors of the lollas-eshop l website for personal non-commercial use and not for profit.

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3. lollas-eshop does not in any case state that the information contained in the announcements and documents posted on this decorator is appropriate for any purpose. Any such document and related graphic representation is provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind. Lollas-eshop does not bear any responsibility as well as obligation to compensate for any damage and non-pecuniary damage that may arise from the use of the node.

4. The lollas-eshop may contain links to other websites not controlled by the lollas-eshop for availability, content, privacy policy, quality and completeness of services, terms of use, etc. lollas -eshop is in no way responsible for the quality, suitability, functionality or legality of such websites. It is mutually acceptable that users waive any legal claims against lollas-eshop in relation to these websites.

5. The lollas-eshop was created and operates in Greece, so it is guided by Greek law with all that this implies for its use. If a user wants to access the lollas-eshop from abroad then he should be informed of the laws in which he is and has the responsibility to follow them.

6. During your visit to the pages of lollas-eshop you may be asked to provide information about you (name, address, profession, etc.) in order to ensure the possibility of contacting you to inform you about our services. These personal data that you stated with your consent in lollas-eshop are kept in a file and processed with the greatest possible security and confidentiality and in accordance with Law 3471/2006 and are used exclusively by it and the companies affiliated or cooperating with it, with for the purpose of supporting, promoting and enforcing the transaction or for statistical purposes.

Literary Property

All the content and services of lollas-eshop (distinctive titles, trademarks, graphics, photos, software, texts, etc.) are the intellectual property of lollas-eshop (Headquarters: Corfu, Tax Identification Number: EU077127062) and are protected by Greek, EU and international copyright law. Any commercial or non-commercial use is permitted only with the written consent of lollas-eshop or any other copyright holder.

Personal Data

The lollas-eshop online store is fully adapted to the rules of the GDPR framework. The personal data (name, address, age, profession, contact details, etc.) declared in the lollas-eshop with the consent of the users are kept in a file. The processing of personal data is done in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulation of Personal Data Protection 2016/679), any more specific national and European legislation for certain sectors, of the current Greek legislation for the protection of personal data, as well as for the protection of personal data and privacy in the field of electronic communications (Law 3471/2006 , as the case may be) and the decisions of the Personal Data Protection Authority (APDPX). They are used exclusively by lollas-eshop and its affiliates for business support purposes or for statistical purposes.

Links to other websites

Lollas-eshop does not control and is not responsible for the legality, quality and suitability of other websites, with which it may have links. Lollas-eshop users agree to waive any claims against lollas-eshop in connection with these websites.


To ensure the proper functioning of the website, we sometimes place small data files on your computer, the so-called "cookies". Most major websites do the same.

Secure Transactions

Transactions via credit and debit cards are done in a secure environment through Piraeus or Paypal


The lollas-eshop online store uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. This particular SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol is currently the global standard on the Internet for the certification of websites (web sites). With this technology, every item you enter on our site is encrypted / encrypted before it goes online, thus protecting personal information during its transfer.

When you place your order and if you are logged in with the user name and the personal security code (password) in the online store lollas-eshop, the communication between your computer and our systems is encrypted using a 128bits key. That is, every time you send information to the system, your browser first encrypts it using a 128bits key and then sends it to the system.

Dispute Resolution

For any dispute that may arise between the lollas-eshop and users from the use of the online store lollas-eshop, an effort will be made for an amicable settlement following a relevant written request of the user. According to Directive 2013/11 / EC, which was incorporated in Greece with JM 70330/2015, the possibility of electronic consumer dispute resolution is now provided through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure throughout the European Union. In order to enhance the confidence of users in making purchases through the online store lollas-eshop, lollas-eshop recognizes, accepts and welcomes the use of the online dispute resolution platform (Online Dispure Resolution - ODR) for the purpose of electronic dispute resolution. Through the Electronic Dispute Resolution Platform (EAD) on the website:

Both the Users and the lollas-eshop can submit their complaints electronically and agree which of the recognized dispute resolution bodies mentioned in each Member State mentioned on the platform wishes to undertake the out-of-court electronic settlement of their dispute. The European Commission website to which users can refer for further information is:

If the dispute cannot be resolved out of court, the dispute will be resolved by appealing to the local civil courts.

The operation of the store is governed by the use of the applicable Code of Conduct.

The above terms of use of the lollas-eshop website constitute a complete agreement and it has the right to make changes in the terms of use and content without any notice.

In case you decide to return the product, it is necessary to meet the following conditions:

  • Product returns are accepted within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product.

In no case can a product be accepted which is not in its original state. This means that the product must:

  • Not to be washed
  • Have all his labels
  • The packaging must not have been damaged.

The product must be returned with all the accompanying documents, such as e.g. the retail receipt, the Delivery Note, etc.


Withdrawal is the right according to which the consumer has a period of 14 calendar days to return the product he bought, for any reason, even unnecessary, and to request a replacement or refund.

The withdrawal period starts from the date of receipt of the product.

Return procedure:

-Contact us to clarify the details of the return.

-Pack the product so that it is protected during shipment.

-In case the product has a defect or a mistake has been made in your order, send the parcel through the courier agency from which you received your order, in view of the Returns Department. Otherwise you can use any agency you wish at your own expense

* Please note that the return costs are charged to the company only in case of our mistake or defective product. In any other case the costs are borne by the customer.

** The return process has an average duration of 5 working days.

Information on the management of defective products.

We would like to inform you that under current European legislation, the products purchased by the consumer are covered by a minimum two-year legal guarantee. Therefore, within these two years the consumer has the right, in case he considers that a product is defective or does not correspond to the advertised appearance or function, to send us the product and then we will undertake the process of verifying or not what he says customer (verification is done by either the store itself or the manufacturer / importer). In case the product proves to be defective due to construction, then the consumer can request repair of the product or replacement of the product or reduction of the price or cancellation of the contract and full refund of the amount paid. If the product does not prove to be defective then it is simply returned to the consumer. Also, in case the customer sends a defective product to the store, then he pays the shipping costs himself. If the product proves to be defective, then the shipping costs must be reimbursed by the store to the customer.